It works!

It appears it actually does, doesn't it?

Due to lack of time and designerskills, I put up this simple HTML page to provide some info on myself, for those that are looking for it.


If you're looking to contact me, I'm available over IRC:

Preferred server: DareNET.


Most of my projects can be found on my GitHub profile. Some other projects I worked on are on the Scriptkitties GitHub profile. Check the contributors on a project to see if I was involved and how much.

Public RSA keys

I have a few public RSA keys available. I make a seperate keyfile for every system I work on.


Ricing, according to UrbanDictionary, is

Making improvements to a system that don't actually do anyone any good and can sometimes have negative ramifications.
I personally do some ricing to make my environments work like I want them to, and make them look how I want to. This is one of the reasons why I like working with a GNU+Linux system. Most of my systems look alike, as they share the same "dotfiles", with very small modifications. I try to make my dotfiles work without any edits on every system.

Besides providing a system that looks good and works well (my opinion™), it's also just fun to do.

If you're interested, the dotfiles are on GitHub.