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About me

I’m a 23 years old programmer. I am well versed in PHP, and lately also Ruby. In my spare time I often work on some personal projects. Most of them are opensource and can be found on either my GitHub profile or my DareNET GitLab profile.

I’m also part of an IRC community called Scriptkitties. We are mainly interested in technology and security, but often discuss whatever’s on our mind.

I made this particular homepage mostly to make people able to verify my PGP public keys and to easily share my SSH public keys. Other than that I’ve listed some of my projects for those who are interested in it.

If you have any comments on the webpage (things that should be fixed, or if you think something should be added), feel free to poke me on IRC.



Goblin is a git-based, decentralised package manager. Unlike regular package managers, all package info is contained in the git repository itself.

Goblin is written in perl. This language was chosen because it’s easy to get a quick proof of concept with and it’s one of my more proficient languages.


NekoPHP was a small project to kill some time. It was aimed to create a very small and extensible framework to make some easy sites in.

Scriptkitties website

This project was to create a website for the IRC community I’m part of. The website is built on Ruby on Rails, and uses Materialize as CSS framework. The website itself is hosted on one of my own servers, kona.tyil.net.


Tachikoma is an IRC bot created for the IRC community Scriptkitties. The bot allows members of the community to interact with it, and provides some utility to the IRC channel itself.

The bot is built upon the Cinch framework in Ruby.

Public keys

GPG Keys

SSH Keys


The best way to contact me is generally via IRC. One of the reasons is that listing my emailaddress is generally a Bad Idea™. Besides, I check my email very rarely, but I’m active on IRC pretty much every day.

Below you can find some IRC networks I’m active on, and common nicks I use on each network.


Other stuff


Ricing, according to UrbanDictionary, is

Making improvements to a system that don’t actually do anyone any good and can sometimes have negative ramifications.

I personally do some ricing to make my environments work like I want them to, and make them look how I want to. This is one of the reasons why I like working with a GNU+Linux system. Most of my systems look alike, as they share the same “dotfiles”, with very small modifications.

I try to make my dotfiles work without any edits on every system. Besides providing a system that looks good and works well (my opinion™), it’s also just fun to do. If you’re interested, the dotfiles are on GitHub and DareNET’s GitLab.