About me

I'm a 23 years old programmer. I am well versed in PHP, and lately also Ruby. In my spare time I often work on some personal projects. Most of them are opensource and can be found on either my GitHub profile or my DareNET GitLab profile.

I'm also part of an IRC community called Scriptkitties. We are mainly interested in technology and security, but often discuss whatever's on our mind.

I made this particular homepage mostly to make people able to verify my PGP public keys and to easily share my SSH public keys. Other than that I've listed some of my projects for those who are interested in it.

If you have any comments on the webpage (things that should be fixed, or if you think something should be added), feel free to poke me on IRC.

Public keys

p.spek@tyil.work rsa4096

EB9E A484 1672 2D37 16F5 A799 9ACF E193 FFBC 1F50